Many of you who read this will be surprised with the fact that you have been wiping your buttocks wrong, all along! More than a half of the world population has the opportunity to do their physiological needs in a relatively civilized way. To go to the bathroom, do the work, wipe with a few pieces of three-layered toilet paper, and eventually, wash their hands. Afterwards, these people continue with their daily activities, thinking that everything is in order.


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If you think that this is the right way to do it, you’re badly mistaken! Some of the steps we mention above are not recommendable. This especially applies for the “hygiene” part, after you’re done using the toilet.

How To Maintain Your Buttocks Hygiene And Avoid Infections

From an early age, most people are taught to wipe the buttocks with toilet paper. Following a movement from the front to the back, to avoid contamination of the urinary tract. Even though this makes sense, it’s not a good solution.

According to health specialists, the use of toilet paper is not recommendable. They say that this practice can only smear the feces, all over the buttocks.

Yes, some of you already say that this cannot happen to you. Because you’re always careful when using the toilet paper. Let’s say that this is true. But, how sure are you that your butt is completely clean? Is the last piece of toilet paper you’ve used really clean? Or does it just seem that way?

Even though you cannot see it with the naked eye, microscopy reveals a terrible truth. There’s always at least a little bit of feces left on the toilet paper, no matter how many times you wipe your butt! This is what can cause a urinary infection, as there are feces left on the buttocks too. And we all know how difficult it is to treat these infections, especially if you’re a woman.

The only way, which can assure you that your buttocks is clean, is if you wash it with water and mild soap. Since it’s not practical to take a shower every time after you sit on the toilet, it’s best to use a bidet. Very few people have it in their homes, and even fewer know how to use it, but it’s the best solution!

The benefits of using a bidet are indisputable. Apart from hygiene, your investment will pay off on the long run. You’ll have great financial savings, not having to buy toilet paper anymore, and you’ll contribute to the environmental benefits.