When it comes to the upcoming holiday season, many people would choose a real Christmas tree instead of the artificial one. The evergreen conifers smell very good, and are an excellent addition to the holiday spirit and mood. After all, who doesn’t like Christmas decorations?

Christmas tree

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But, before you gather your family in front of the tree to open the presents, check it for insects. Namely, your new Christmas tree has spent a lot of time outdoors, and may have a lot more than just Christmas ornaments. Fortunately, health experts say that this wildlife is not dangerous and it does not threaten your general health. It’s just that we don’t want them opening presents on Christmas Day, right?

Your Christmas Tree May Be Full Of Bugs

Aphids are one of the most frequent quests in any fresh Christmas tree. Also known as plant lice, this insect is an eighth of an inch long, and has 6 legs. Usually, they spend their entire life on one tree, which is where they reproduce.

Once you bring the Christmas tree in the warm insides of your home, the life cycle of the aphids kicks off, and a number of hatchlings appear in no time!


Many different species of mites may be living on your real Christmas tree. When exposed to the hot air in your home, they tend to become active and lay eggs. Usually, since these insects are light in color and very tiny, they go unnoticed.


Since spiders are predators in nature, they are responsible for keeping the insect population on your tree under control. But yes, it can be scary when you see a spider’s web on your new Christmas tree.


These small bugs are related to aphids, and look like snowflakes on the tree branches.

Pine Needle Scales

These are small crawlers that feed on sugars found in the pine needles.


The attached brownish cocoons on your Christmas tree are actually sawflies, insects related to flies, wasps, and bees.


These are green insects with triangular heads, flexible necks, and bulging eyes.

Bark Beetles

These are tiny beetles with wings, which can be found on the bark surface and inner bark.

How To Keep The Insects Out Of Your Home

You can take a few preventive measures to keep the insects out of your home during the holidays.

First, you need to examine the Christmas tree and make sure that it’s bug-free, without any visible eggs, larvae, or some other infestations. If you have allergies, it’s recommendable to wash it with a water hose, to remove the pollen.

Once you buy the tree, put it in water and keep it in the garage for a day or two. In this way, you give the bugs an opportunity to leave the tree. Also, you can spray it with a natural pesticide, to kill the remaining insects. Remember, don’t do this inside your home, and avoid insecticides, as they are flammable.

Then, before you put the tree in your home, shake it vigorously.

When the holiday season is over and you remove the Christmas tree, thoroughly vacuum your home.

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