Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, Health Awareness Community has been marked as SPAM on Pinterest about a week ago. Since then, we cannot share our content on this social media, nor readers are able to pin articles.

We immediately sent an email to the Pinterest Help Team, asking them to unblock our site, as we truly believe that it’s a mistake. Unfortunately, this action did not result with a success. We were shocked when we received a message today that they won’t unblock our site.

Health Awareness Community does not publish SPAMMY articles, nor it has a spammy activity on Pinterest. We write and publish posts and articles based on already published medical research, in the hope of improving the health awareness of people all around the world. Also, we share some pretty amazing healthy recipes and health hacks, as well as natural, traditional medicines, which have been used for centuries. All of you who read us know that our content is of high quality.

Health Awareness Community posts have been repined for thousands of times on Pinterest, so suppose there would always be a few people who won’t be happy with what they read. If there’s anything that bugs any of you, it’s an honest mistake. If you do have any worry, please feel free to email us at

We are not the first website that got marked as spam. Many publishers have encountered this problem. We checked with some of them and asked an advise, how did they get their sites unblocked on Pinterest. Their replies were unanimous: their community of readers helped a lot! A bunch of loyal readers wrote to Pinterest that they would like to continue pinning on Pinterest from their websites, and to remove the block. And it helped!

Please Help Us Get Back On Pinterest

So, this is where we would like to ask for your help. Would you be willing to send a request to Pinterest to reconsider their decision and unblock Health Awareness Community? We would really appreciate your support!

Here’s what you need to do (in case you have never contacted Pinterest Help before)

Type this URL address:

Then, under the field “What do you need help with?” select Using Pinterest/Edit Settings.
Under “Tell us more” select Profile. And at the bottom of the page, click the red button “I still need help”.

Fill out the form and submit! You can ask Pinterest to reconsider their decision about blocking Health Awareness Community. Also, you can share this with your friends, as we believe that sharing information can benefit everyone.

Here are some print screens for your reference.