Ramsons is popularly known as a bear’s garlic, Allium ursinum, or wild garlic. Since ancient times, this plant has been considered to have powerful medicinal properties, such as purifying the blood, liver and digestive system. It has a very strong effect on intestinal parasites, and prevents infectious inflammation of the intestinal lining.

wild garlic

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Wild Garlic As A Treatment For Many Diseases

Wild garlic helps lower high blood pressure, prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis, and improves the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system. With the help of this plant, it’s possible to eliminate headaches and insomnia, and to facilitate the breathing in bronchitis. It has antibacterial properties, and thereby it helps wounds to heal faster.

Biochemists argue that wild garlic is healthier than the regular garlic. Mainly because of the high amounts of allin it contains, which under the influence of oxygen, converts into alicin. Also, because it nourishes the blood vessels and makes them elastic. Moreover, it’s rich in essential oils, valuable mineral salts, vitamin C, and carotene.

Wild garlic can be consumed as a fresh salad, in combination with lettuce, and it can be added to soups. The leaves of this plant are harvested while still not in bloom, but its bulbs are collected in the summer and autumn months. You can use them both to make various medicinal preparations.

For the complete recovery of your body, and for a healthy look, you should consume the leaves of this plant on a daily basis, for 2 to 3 consequential weeks.

Treat Hypertension With This Wild Garlic Tincture

Clean 250 grams of white garlic bulbs, and put them in a glass bottle. Add brandy, around 2-3 fingers in height. Press the bulbs with a wooden spoon for a few minutes. Then, fill the bottle with brandy to the top and close it airtight. But, make sure to leave enough space for occasional shaking.

Store the bottle in a dark place, at a room temperature. As we already mentioned, you should shake it occasionally. After 14 days, the process will complete, which is when you need to strain the contents of the bottle. Store the resulting tincture in a dark glass bottle, closed airtight, in the refrigerator.

Recommended daily dose is 1 teaspoon (10 to 20 drops) of tincture, taken in the morning and evening. Mix it with half a glass of milk or yogurt. If you choose milk, drink it with cold milk.

Allium ursinum
Wild garlic has a greater effect than regular garlic on blood pressure and blood chemistries of rats.