After reading this, sugar and black coffee will become a history for you. The next time you’re about to make coffee, and you’re not a fan of its bitter taste, add a pinch of salt. Stir and wait for a few seconds, for the magic to happen, and then drink! Many people say that this is the best coffee they have ever tried!

black coffee

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Imagine this. You have only four hours of sleep before a big day at work. In the morning, all you can do, to go through the day and stay awake, is to drink a gallon of black coffee. But, as it happens, you don’t like its bitter taste. And, things to be even worse, the cheap instant coffee from the coffee vending machine has the most intense bitter taste of them all! Hence, you ought to add sugar in it! But, you want to cut down on sugar… the problems just keep on piling up! You start seeing coffee and sugar as your only option for staying awake.

Fortunately, there’s another solution for this problem. Do you know that you can fix the taste of coffee with a pinch of salt? Yes, you heard it right! With salt, not sugar!

How To Change The Bitter Taste Of Your Morning Black Coffee

What you need: coffee and salt.

What to do: Put a pinch of salt in your morning bitter coffee and stir.

How does it work? Salt releases sodium ions when diluted in a liquid. When diluted in coffee, they suppress its bitter taste and improve the flavor. Hence, if the bitter taste of a black coffee is too dominant for you, and you want to cut down on sugar, all you need to do is add a pinch of salt. No, your coffee won’t get a salty taste, as you’re putting a very small amount of salt, that’ll only neutralize the bitterness. Isn’t this amazing? You won’t have to use sugar or cream ever again!

You can also try this trick with bitter tonics, if you find them too bitter for your taste. Salt will only improve their flavor!