Very often, leg muscle cramps tend to disrupt us day or night. They can be especially annoying and sometimes even painful if they last for more than 60 minutes. If this is the case, then you should definitely contact your doctor for professional help. You can also read the article down below and learn a few facts about leg muscle cramps, and how to treat them.

muscle cramps

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Recent research shows that this kind of discomfort affects up to 40 percent of the adult population, in a given period of the life. Leg cramps are not a serious health threat if they occur only intermittently (once or twice a month). But frequent occurrence should not be neglected.

Home remedies and healthy nutrition are the best prevention of painful muscular contraction. Also, massages and acupressure can be of great help.

Causes Of Leg Muscle Cramps

Mineral deficiency is one of the main causes of muscle cramps, and especially lack of potassium and magnesium. This kind of deficiency usually occurs during the hot summer months, because they are much faster to lose due to the increased sweating.

Frequent cramps in the legs during the night are not the only symptoms indicating potassium deficiency. Droopy feeling, severe headaches and weakened reflexes can also occur. Other symptoms indicating lack of magnesium include anxiety, restless legs syndrome, frequent nausea, vomiting and discomfort.

In order to prevent this, you should increase the intake of foods rich in these minerals. For instance, bananas, potatoes, tomato juice and sunflower seeds are rich in potassium, and green leafy vegetables, nuts and meat are rich in magnesium.

Insufficient water intake is yet another cause of muscle cramps. Therefore, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Pregnancy is an often cause of muscle cramps, usually due to decreased amounts of minerals in the body.

Cold water exposure.

After sitting or standing for too long, especially on a hard surface. Or keeping your legs in an awkward position, which reflects on the muscles when we lie and rest.

Heavy exercise and injuries. If you’re prone to muscle cramps, then you should include some light sports activities, to keep your legs in shape. Avoid heavy workouts! It will be enough for you to walk 45 minutes a day, or if you can jog or ride a bike, even better.

Certain health conditions, such as problems with the kidneys, thyroid gland and blood flow impairment.

Some medications, like contraception, steroids, statins and diuretics.

Why Are Leg Muscle Cramps More Common At Night?

The chances of having a painful and sudden muscular contraction while we lie in bed are higher than if we’re in a sitting or standing position. Namely, when the muscles finally get to relax after an intense day, the stress starts to come out, and reflects in the form of tightening and sudden spasms.

This in turn can greatly disturb our dreams and quality of life. In order to eliminate leg cramps at night, it is enough to stick to some basic guidelines related to healthy nutrition, hydration and stretching.

Increase Your Mineral Intake

As we have already suggested earlier, in order to treat this condition, you need to increase your mineral intake, especially magnesium and potassium.


Increase your fluid intake during the day. You can either drink more water, freshly squeezed juices or electrolyte sports drinks.

Massage And Stretching

Massage and stretch the legs of your muscles regularly, to relieve the tension.

Light Exercise

As we already mentioned, light workout activity, such as walking, jogging or cycling would be the way to go.

Hot Bath

Prep a hot bath with Epsom salt and soak your legs, to relieve the unnecessary tension and stress.

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