As long it doesn’t happen to us, we do not think much about what is good against burns. However, when we or someone close to us gets burned, certainly we start thinking about everything we have heard and which we believe may help to alleviate the pain of the burns, such as various salves, creams, and other natural resources.

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Burns can be very painful, but it is extremely important to have in mind that in this article, we explain only about what is good for first degree burns. If the burns are from second or third degree seek medical help immediately.

Many plants can come in handy for treating burns and wounds. For such purpose basil, yarrow and white lily are very useful.

How To Use White Lily For Minor Burns And Wounds

White lilies contain flavonoids,  glutamic acid, starch, and dissolvable polysaccharides which can be beneficial when applied topically.

First, take 20 flowers of white lily and place them in a glass jar. Next, pour a liter of brandy in the jar. Close the jar airtight and let it rest for 3 days. After this period of time stir the liquid and leave it to stand again for 10 days.  You can use it for minor cuts, so you can disinfect the place and provide a faster healing. This tincture can be used for the treatment of varicose veins (2 times day).

To treat minor burns make the following remedy: Take 50 flowers of white lily and place them in a glass jar. Pour olive or almond oil on top of the flowers, and close the jar.  Leave this mixture 20 days to rest. After this time this remedy is ready to use. Dip a cotton pad into this liquid and smear it on your burn.

To reduce sun burns which are the most common burns, always protect yourself and use sunscreen with the proper SPF factor for your skin. Don’t use essential oils when you expose yourself to the sunshine. These oils can be used as an after sun treatment, to hydrate your skin.

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White Lily