Probably, there’s no person on Earth who doesn’t love chocolate. The main ingredient of this delicious treat is cocoa. Did you know that the Mayas used cocoa as a currency and that they valued it more than gold?


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Many studies, research the field of chocolate health benefits. But, do you know how long does it last? Can you tell if a chocolate is spoiled?

Is Chocolate Spoiled When It Turns White?

Have you ever noticed a white exterior on the chocolate bar you’re about to eat? Sometimes, while this dark delicacy is still in its packaging, it can melt. This actually means that the cocoa butter crystals start to melt, allowing the fat molecules to come out, on the surface. And, when the cocoa content hardens again, it forms new crystals. Thus, the white layer doesn’t mean that it’s gone bad!

Your favorite sweet treat can also have a sugar bloom, which happens when water or moisture penetrate through the packaging and decompose the sugar in the chocolate. Then, when the water evaporates, the sugar leaves a smooth white layer on the surface. But, the good news is that it is not yet useless. However, it cannot be used as before. For example, if you use it as a dessert filling, the white layer, whether from fat or sugar, will reappear. Therefore, you ought to eat it (even though you might notice a slightly different taste)! Or, you can use it as an addition to a cake’s dough, which you will bake.

What’s interesting is that you can eat high quality chocolates past their expiration date. Namely, there are types that improve their taste with age, just like wine. These chocolates contain natural preservatives, known as cocoa flavanols. These ingredients offer excellent antioxidant benefits, and, at the same time, they prevent the high quality chocolates from going bad. Actually, they last longer than other chocolates, which contain artificial preservatives.

So, the next time you’re about to buy chocolate, choose one that contains high quality cocoa. They don’t just taste better, but also are free of artificial preservatives, have a longer shelf-life and provide maximum health benefits for the human body.

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