Today’s nutrition has been found to be very unhealthy and unbalanced, and therefore it is considered as one of the main causes of many diseases, especially the chronic ones. How many of you suffer from chronic exhaustion, frequent headaches and stomach problems? And we have not even started talking about obesity.

what you eat, you become

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Many things can cause these illnesses – from stress, to tensions, to fast lifestyle. But food is certainly one of the main reasons. If you consider that the food you eat becomes a part of your body, or so to say, it literally becomes you, as a complex mechanism that backs up the unlimited intelligence of your nature, will you still not care about what you eat?

So, the human body has its own intelligence comprised and supported by the food we eat. In doing so, the food needs to extract and supply the energy our body needs to function properly. If the food is inadequate, the body will not be able to complete a large part of its “duties”. And this is how chronic diseases and pain, and eventually severe illnesses, develop.

For hundreds of thousands of years, throughout evolution, the human body has been accustomed to raw foods, and only a few thousand years ago, to thermally processed foods. The body uses the juices extracted from raw foods for digestion, and the nutrients from those very same raw foods as a “ready-made building blocks” for constructing new cells. If these nutrients are not present in the human body, but instead it has only pizza, fries and burgers available, the body will struggle to survive – it’ll barely exist and function.

When we’re hungry, the body sends us signals, and we usually stuff it with empty calories, without giving it anything to help digest those calories. After consuming the empty calories, we feel satiated, but from what? Empty calories! The body will start sending us other signals now, often called hidden hunger, asking for good calories. Chronic exhaustion, headaches, pain and depression, all of these are signals of the body, asking you to feed it. And if you think of how our bodies have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, building themselves of the nutrients found in raw foods, you might want to reconsider what you will eat from now on.

Of course, there are various supplements that contain everything the body needs, from fibers, to vitamins and minerals, to micronutrients, even enzymes and essential fatty acids. But these supplements can be very expensive. On the other hand, processed foods are “empty”. This leaves you with fresh fruits and vegetables, which are affordable and we can include them in our everyday diet. So, this brings us back to basics – consuming raw fruits and vegetables, just as our ancestors did!

In order to save money, consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. And a lot of it, because your body needs them in big quantities in order to function properly. Just one apple or a tomato won’t do the job, it’s not enough. For example, you can incorporate smoothies into your everyday diet and mix everything that you need in this energetic bomb.