We can often find bananas as a main ingredient in many recipes for homemade ice cream, smoothies, and other healthy treats. Additionally, because of the nutritional value of this fruit, it’s considered a great snack, which will keep you full for a longer period of time.


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If you eat three bananas a day, you enter about 1500 mg of potassium in your body. Apart from this, they provide a number of other health benefits. But, besides the positive effects, you still have to pay attention to the quantity you eat on a daily basis. Namely, you shouldn’t exceed the number of 3 bananas per day!

Health Benefits Of Bananas
Lower Blood Pressure

Three bananas per day can significantly lower your blood pressure. Due to the high potassium content, this fruit is considered the best natural remedy for high blood pressure. Also, besides the high potassium levels,  it contains a small amount of sodium minerals (2 mg in 100 g). Therefore, it has a diuretic effect and helps the discharge of accumulated excess fluid in the body.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Foods rich in fiber are good for the heart. And, as you already know, this fruit is rich in fiber! As an added advantage, the specific soluble fiber in bananas is associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

Improve Your Mood And Feel Better

An average banana has about 27 mg of magnesium, a mineral that helps stimulate good mood and improve the quality of sleep. If you have a low level of magnesium in your body, you may suffer from irritability, anxiety, depression, etc. Thus, you ought to include this fruit in your everyday diet!

Boost The Health Of Your Digestive Tract

Banana is a fruit that can be easily digested. Thus, it’s good for the digestive tract. Apart from being easy to digest, it can help you bring back the lost minerals from diarrhea. So, if you have suffered from stomach flu recently, make bananas part of your daily diet.

Improve Performance In Sports Activities

Banana is a fruit that stimulates the supply of antioxidants and other nutrients in the muscles. Researchers at Appalachian State University have found that while cycling, people who ate a banana every fifteen minutes had the same effects as those who drank some type of sports drink every fifteen minutes.

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