Struggling with obesity is a very real and actual problem for many people nowadays. The number of people who want and need to lose weight increases every day. The problem intensifies even more since most of the diets do not provide long lasting results, but only short-term. This is why many nutritionists consider it necessary to lose weight in the right way – without feeling like you’re exhausting your organism.

sassy water

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Losing weight can be accomplished not only by combining balanced diets and physical activity, but also with the help of the sassy water. Recently, this water has become very popular across the world.

Cynthia Sass in an American author and nutritionist, who created this water. After childbirth, many women face with the problem of obesity. This real problem was an encouragement for the American author/nutritionist to find a universal yet healthy way to lose weight. Accompanied with the desire to help all people to successfully manage the obesity problem.

Consequently, she created a water for flat belly, which was later recognized as one of the most effective diet products. This water can help you lose about 10 to 12 pounds in a month, without any particular effort, and most importantly, with no risk to your health.

How To Make Sassy Water

For the preparation of this diet water, you’ll need the following ingredients:

– 2l of cooled boiled, or filtered water
– 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger root
– 1 medium-sized cucumber, cut into thin slices
– 5 to 7 fresh Mentha leaves, or 1 teaspoon of dried mint
– 1 lemon, cut into thin slices


Put all of the ingredients into the water and give it a good stir. Pour the resulting mixture in a glass bottle or jar and refrigerate it for about 8 to 10 hours. Hence, it’s best to start preparing the water in the evening, and drink it the next day.

Every morning, start your day with the sassy water. Continue to drink it throughout the entire day, morning till evening, in small portions. You can even eat the cucumber and lemon slices. Between consumptions, keep the water the fridge. In the evening, get ready for the next day, and prep a new dosage of sassy water. This incredible drink will give you remarkable results. And it comes without any dietary restrictions.

There are no known contraindications, brought by the consumption of this water. However, its creator Cynthia Sass, recommends that pregnant women and those in lactation should not consume it, due to the increased levels of acidity. The same applies for people suffering from ulcers and gastritis, as well as for those who are allergic to the ingredients used to make this water.

By combining physical exercise with the sassy water, you’ll achieve the best possible weight loss results. The water will help you burn the extra calories, and therefore help you to get back your muscles, and your skin’s elasticity and firmness!