Hearing is one of our five senses. Hence, if we suspect that something is wrong with our ability to hear, it’s very important to act in time. As we grow older, our hearing sense weakens. However, there are many other things that can also contribute to weakening our ability to perceive sound, such as an ear infection, trauma, constant exposure to noise, and so on.


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Usually, the loss of hearing occurs gradually. Therefore, it’s essential to ask for medical help whenever you recognize some of its symptoms.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Some of the most common hearing loss symptoms include the following:

– Pain or pressure in one or both ears;
– Vertigo or dizziness;
– Tinnitus (ringing sound in the ears);
– Very often, asking people to repeat what have they just said. Sometimes for several times in a row;
– Constantly increasing the volume on the radio, TV, computer, etc.

Hearing Loss Treatment

Sometimes, it may be the case of an earwax accumulation, which blocks the passage of the sound. All you need to do here is to flush the ears with water, in order to remove the earwax. This simple fix usually solves the problem. But, it’s not recommendable to do it on your own. Visit an otolaryngologist instead.

If your ability to perceive sound weakens due to an ear infection, know that it can become better with a therapy, prescribed by your doctor. If an infection is not what’s causing you to lose your ability to hear, then you should further discuss this with your doctor, and find a solution how to improve it.

For example, you can consider the possibility of wearing a hearing aid. There are many different types of hearing aids, which amplify the sound, and help the majority of patients improve their aural abilities.

If you have any of the symptoms we mention above, then you should contact your doctor immediately. If you react in time, you have better chances for a successful treatment of this medical condition.