Stroke often comes without warning signs, but sometimes there are some symptoms that suggest that it might come up. For a successful treatment of stroke, the most important factor is time.

having a stroke

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How quickly you will react depends on how many nerve cells die and how much damage will be. If the stroke is not treated, 2,000,000 nerve cells die every minute, which is pretty scary.

Symptoms of stroke occur suddenly and are the same for all individuals regardless of age and sex. The only difference is that elderly people better recognize the symptoms, as young people do not expect to get a stroke and often ignore the first signs of it.

The Warning Symptoms Of Stroke                              

The most common signs of stroke are facial distortion, speech problems, and weakness and tingling in the arm or leg, especially if only one side of the body is affected. Common symptoms include visual impairment – loss of vision on one eye or blurred vision in the both eyes.

The best three phase stroke test:

  1. Face – See if your face is symmetrical. If you notice that one side of the face “hangs”, tell the person to laugh – if it cannot lift both angles of the lips, something is wrong.
  2. Hands – Ask the person to raise his/her hands. If one hand is weak and falls, it’s definitely a warning sign.
  3. Speech – An unwanted, strange or incomprehensible speech, a repetition of a word or phrase may be directed at the stroke. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence and pay attention to the pronunciation.

These warning symptoms usually pass within a few minutes. However, as soon as something happens or there is any doubt that a stroke may occur, you should call the ambulance. This is very important because a stroke that has “passed on while you were on your feet” and wasn’t checked with a doctor can lead to a much more severe stroke later and have severe consequences.

As soon as the doctors conclude that you suffered a stroke, the treatment will begin immediately. It is very important that everyone knows the symptoms and signs of stroke, so we don’t have severe consequences and the doctors do their job. It is also very important for doctors to know when the symptoms began, which disorders you have, what you are treated for, but also what therapy you have previously taken.

Reference: The Warning Signs of Stroke
Do You Know the Warning Signs of Stroke? Act F.A.S.T.