If you are stressed and have many obligations daily, surely you are really exhausted.  The solution is to find something that will effectively relax and calm you.

warm bath

Many people believe a hot bath to be one of the best ways to relax after a busy day or a stressful situation. This option will definitely appeal to you more – when you find out what are the benefits of taking a warm bath!

Taking A Warm Bath Burn Calories Just Like 30 Minutes Exercise  

A research showed the impact of warm baths on blood sugar levels and a number of calories burned. The research involved 14 people who spent an hour enjoying a warm bath in which the water temperature was 40 degrees Celsius. The same respondents spent 60 minutes cycling.

The two tests were performed, so the body temperature is increased by only one degree. Therefore, they measured the calorie usage.

Although with cycling the people burned more calories, it has been proven that an hour of relaxing bath for losing calories is just as effective as a 30 minutes exercise.

Generally speaking, the blood sugar level after the two tests was similar, but the highest amount of sugar after meals was 10% lower after taking a warm bath than after cycling.

Although it may sound incredible – but a warm bath can replace your (part of) training and be really effective for burning calories. Namely, experts have come to the conclusion that warm bath can make 130 calories simply disappear – and the same amount of calories is consumed after half an hour of fast walking.

The results of this research should not neglect all the proven benefits of physical activity, which is recommended to be practiced on a daily basis.

However, the next time you “steal” half an hour for yourself, take a warm relaxing bath and know that you do yourself good. It is very beneficial for both your body and mind.

Reference: Why you should have a hot bath: It could be as effective as exercising to tackle type 2 diabetes
A hot bath has benefits similar to exercise

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