Each day, we see more and more amazing life hacks. But this one, certainly steals the show. It is a very useful video, where you can see how a rotten banana can become fresh again.

rotten banana

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How To Turn A Rotten Banana To A Fresh One

What you need is:

– A rotten banana
– Rice
– A plastic bag with a zipper
– A hair-dryer


Surely, you’re wondering how these things can help you freshen your bananas. Well, the first thing you need to do is put the brown bananas into the plastic bag, fill it with rice, get all the air out and zip it. Keep it like that for about an hour, so the rice can suck out all unnecessary moisture. Probably you have heard that this is also useful for a cell phone dipped in water. But, this is not all. Next, you need to use the hair-dryer.

You won’t believe your eyes! It’s like some magic trick! Watch the video below and see for yourself!