Having a baby is probably the greatest happiness a person can experience. Yet, despite the immense love and joy, new parents are often very tired and sleep deprived. While the little ones adjust to the new world, and while they try to establish a regular sleeping rhythm, exhaustion is an inevitable state of being for almost every parent.


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How To Put Your Baby To Sleep In No Time

While some parents are lucky and don’t have troubles putting their babies to sleep, others must be creative and invent new lullabies every time they head to the crib. Sometimes, crying babies can have no mercy and torture their parents for hours!

Parents who experience problems while trying to put their babies to sleep always come up with new, different sleeping “techniques”. From rocking the baby’s cradle; to night nursery lights and quiet music; to wrapping, which provides security and warmth, and calms the little one.

All these methods share one simple goal: to help your newborn fall asleep faster. However, while some of these “techniques” are very useful, others have a less positive effect, and are even unfavorable. Anyway, our point here is that you can use more than one technique while trying to put your newborn to sleep. But, keep in mind that what works for one baby, does not mean that it’ll work for another. Each baby has its own personality.

Now let us show you this weird, but simple trick. Many parents witness that this helps them put their babies to sleep in less than a minute! So, why don’t you try it with yours?

In this video, two parents show us how they put their three-month-old baby to sleep with an ordinary napkin. Maybe it’ll help your child fall asleep faster than usual, without any difficulties. If you do try it, share your experience in the comment section down below.

How to put a baby to sleep in less than ONE MINUTE