In a major part of our lives, we take our backs for granted. But, at some point, our back will start to rebel, and it’ll begin to send us warning signs of pain. Fortunately, for many of us, the pain is only temporary. But, there are people where the back pain can turn into chronic, long-term suffering and frustrating situation. Remember, the back needs our full attention and love! Pay attention to it!

back pain

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In severe cases, medical help is necessary. But, if the pain is sporadic and mainly the result of insufficient movement and irregular posture, yoga can be your solution. Yoga will help you strengthen the back muscles, stretch them, improve the circulation and release the pressed nerves.

Common Back Pain, Why Do We Have It?

Back pain is often directly related to poor habits and bad posture, which affect the skeletal muscles, spine and nerves. Rarely who sits properly at the table, in front of the computer, while driving a car, and other activities.

To help facilitate the situation, we need to educate ourselves as far as the physiology of muscles is concerned, and what we can do to strengthen and stretch the weak and tense skeletal muscles. This way, we’ll be able to achieve optimum balance and health.

What Are The Skeletal Muscles?

The main three types of muscles in the human body are the smooth muscle, the cardiac muscle, and of course, the skeletal muscle. The somatic nervous system controls the skeletal muscle. It is attached to the bones through the tendons, with which it helps define the shape of the human body.

The skeletal muscles are in fact muscle fibers, which are surrounded by fascia, or connective tissues. The basic functions of these muscles are contraction and relaxation. If they do not relax for a longer period of time, problems with their functioning may arise. They may become stiff and “locked” for a longer period of time, which can eventually damage them. This is when back pain comes into action. And, it depends solely on you to treat it!

Stretching The Skeletal Muscles, To Help Treat Back Pain

When you stretch the skeletal muscles, you extend the fibers and help them relax. This is why the dynamic and prolonged stretching is so important in the treatment of back pain. There are many stretching exercises, and a whole stretching discipline that helps treat this condition, known as yoga. We did our research, and chose the best exercise for your back! It’s known under the name Locust pose.

The locust pose is great for strengthening and stretching the back and the abdominal muscles. Watch the video down below on how to perform this Yoga exercise.

Skeletal muscle
How to Do the Locust Pose