There is a lot of suggestions about what you should and shouldn’t do after the meal. While some suggestions are true, there are plenty of myths as well. Let’s debunk a few of them and make a list of five things you should not do after the meal.

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What You Shouldn’t Do After A Meal
  1. Avoid drinking tea

Although tea has its good side, and that is this beverage reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, drinking tea after you had your meal is not recommended because the polyphenols in it can prevent the absorption of iron from your food. Also, the acid in tea creates problems with the protein digestion. For these reasons, it is not advisable to drink tea right after the meal.

  1. Do not take a bath or shower

To properly digest the food, your bloodstream should be stimulated from the stomach. When you take a shower or bath, the opposite happens. The blood flow is elevated in the hands and feet. On the long run, this leads to digestive problems. Experts recommend that you wait at least half an hour after a meal, to take a shower or bath.

  1. Do not take a nap

All of us, after filling the stomach, get a little sleepy, and the reason is that our body is trying to digest the whole meal. Since the brain drives the blood towards the digestive system; the lack of blood in the brain makes us sleepy. Gravity plays an important role, especially for those who suffer from heartburn. When we lie down, the gastric acid spreads from the abdomen to the esophagus and throat. Because of this, you can feel the acidic taste in your mouth after you wake up. Although sleeping after eating cannot make us fatter, however, the body stores food during sleep and doesn’t burn it. Therefore, wait an hour or two before you take a nap because until then the food will be already digested.

  1. Avoid eating fruit

This is probably the first time someone advised you not to eat fruit, given that in every other situation – fruit is the right choice because it contains easily combustible sugars. Namely, fruits are faster digested then the other food. Undigested meals will slow down the absorption of the fruit and, because of the long process, the fruit can ferment in the intestines. This can cause heartburn, annoying burping, and other digestive disorders. It is recommended to eat fruit an hour before and two hours after a meal.

  1. Do not exercise

Get rid of the old belief that working out after a meal helps the digestion. Exercising and walking certainly helps to consume calories, but if you work out straight after meals, you can face this digestion problem. The condensation of acid in the stomach will prevent the enzymes for digesting to absorb all the nutrients from the food.

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