A large number of studies focus on the relationship between intelligence, human characteristics and behaviors. The results of these studies comprise a list of 10 most common signs, which reveal a very high IQ.

high IQ

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High intelligence is manifested in numerous and incredibly different ways. It is almost impossible to list all the behaviors of highly intelligent people. But, as it seems, it’s possible to identify a few common and very unusual characteristics, found in many intelligent people.

From the many published studies and their conclusions, here’s the list of the 10 most common signs of high IQ. The biggest surprise comes from the second and seventh, but the tenth causes a great controversy.

10 Signs Of High IQ

This is the list of 10 signs that give off extremely intelligent people. So, let’s begin:

  1. Left-handed people (if you’re writing with your left hand)
  2. Messy and not organized very well
  3. Persons who swear a lot (though they are keen to be very polite in society)
  4. Making people laugh
  5. Going to bed too late, almost every night
  6. Have had first sexual experience past the adolescent years
  7. Often, they overthink everything and worry too much
  8. Never think of how intelligent they actually are
  9. They love cats
  10. They are the oldest child in the family

These are only a few of the signs indicating a higher IQ. There are many more roaming the Internet nowadays. Thus, if you don’t possess any of the aforementioned behaviors, it doesn’t mean that you’re not smart. You can still be a highly intelligent person, possessing other qualities, such as analytical abilities, empathy, adaptability, curiosity, open-minded, skeptical and so on.

Which character do you find to be the most surprising? In how many of them do you recognize yourself?

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