Good quality sleep, in the right sleeping position, is very important for the overall human health. While we dream, both the soul and body relax, all the cells in our organism regenerate and the immune system strengthens. However, not all of the positions in which we sleep are equally healthy.


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The sad truth is that the position in which you usually sleep might not be the best for your health. Even though it’s the most comfortable for you, it can cause you health problems, from back pain to sleep apnea.

Here we show you the most common sleeping position, and the health benefits and risks they bring.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Your Health?

You sleep curled up on one of your sides. About 40 percent of people sleep in this position, most of which are women. Sleeping like this is beneficial to the spine, as it allows to rest in its natural position. The fetal position supports the detoxification of the human body, and therefore, it can help prevent certain neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. While in this position, try to relax your back, to improve your breathing while you sleep.

Fetal position is also beneficial for pregnant women. By sleeping on the left side in this position, pregnant women improve the circulation of the baby in the womb and prevent the uterus from pressing against the liver.


You lie on the side, with your hands positioned next to your body. Close to 15 percent of people prefer this sleeping position. If you find yourself in this percentage, we have good news – it’s really good for the overall human health.

Sleeping on the side, with your spine and back straight, you can beat back and neck pain, as well as sleep apnea.


You lie on your back, with both hands stretched out. Your legs are also spread apart. The starfish position is good for relieving acid reflux, but it can worsen sleep apnea and make you snore. To avoid back pain, it’s necessary to sleep on a firm mattress that will provide support for your spine.


You lie on your back, with both hands next to your body. This sleeping position can cause snoring and may disturb your sleep. Sometimes, it may cause problems with the carotid artery, which brings blood to your face, neck and brain.

Also, if you have problems with sleep apnea, shallow and irregular breathing, as well as lower back pain, the soldier position might not be your best sleeping choice. Roll to the side to prevent all these problems from disturbing your dreams.

However, one of the biggest benefits of the soldier position is that it can help relieve acid reflux.


You’re lying on your stomach, with your hands tucked under the pillow and your head turned to the side. It’s recommendable to use a softer pillow, to avoid neck pain. But, you can still end up with lower back pain.

What’s the Best Position to Sleep In?