Back pain is a very common problem. And, if the muscles in the upper part of your back are stiff, the pain can grow even stronger. If you cannot win the battle with this pain, don’t reach out for pain medications immediately. Instead, try to solve it with a tennis ball.

tennis ball

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Even though it sounds weird, tennis ball can help you deal with back pain in only a few minutes. All you need to do is separate 5 minutes of your time, and do a simple roll-on-the-tennis-ball exercise. You’ll be amazed by the results!

Next to back pain, tennis ball can also help you relieve achy feet, stiff knees, tight thighs, sore hips, tight chest, tense shoulders, tired hands, and stiff neck. Also, it can help you fix bad posture.

So, get yourself a tennis ball and get started with the treatment!

How To Relieve Pain With A Tennis Ball
Achy Feet

Stand straight and support your body on a wall, for stability. Or, you can lean with one of your hands on a chair. Put the tennis ball under the arch of your aching foot. Don’t lift your heel from the floor. Lean your weight on your foot, to apply some pressure. Stay like that for 1 minute, breathing deeply. Then, roll the ball for another minute or two, from heel to toe. Repeat with the other foot.

Stiff Knees

Sit on a chair and bent your knee, grabbing it with your hands. Place the tennis ball in between your bent knee, bringing your leg closer to your chest area. Try to contract your leg muscles, while holding the ball, counting to 10. Then relax. Repeat 10 times with one leg, and then do the same with the other leg.

Tight Thighs

Sit on the ground, leaning on one of your sides, and put 2 tennis balls under your thigh. Slowly move your leg, bending and straightening it in your knee. Repeat the movement 20 times. Then, slowly move your body, so as to roll the balls with your thigh, for about a minute. Switch sides and repeat the exercise.

Sore Hips

Lie down on a yoga mat, on the right side of your body. Place a tennis ball right under your hip area and lean on it. Slowly move your hip in a circular motion. Repeat the movement 10 times in both directions. Then, switch sides and repeat the exercise.

Cramped Back

Lie down on the ground and put 2 tennis balls, one below another (vertically), between the ribs and buttocks. Slowly move up and down, while taking deep breaths. Try to move the balls in the stiff areas, to loosen the pressure. Do this exercise about 5 minutes, or until the pressure lessens.

Tight Chest

Position the tennis ball in the area of your collarbone and lean against a wall corner. Press against the wall and breathe deeply for about a minute or two. Then, start to move the ball from one side to another for one more minute.

Tense Shoulders

Lie down on the ground and place the ball behind one of your shoulders. Move your shoulder in all directions, for about 2 minutes. Repeat with the other shoulder.

Tired Hands

Stand in front of a table and put a tennis ball in front of you. Lay your hand on the ball and apply pressure, leaning your body weight. Stay like this for about a minute. Then, slowly move the ball left and right, up and down, for about two minutes. Repeat the same exercise with the other hand.

Stiff Neck

Lie down on the floor and position two tennis balls below your neck (horizontally). Rest for about a minute, taking deep breaths. Then, slowly move your head left and right, up and down for about two minutes.

Bad Posture

Lie down on the floor and position two tennis balls in your upper back area (horizontally). Put your hands behind your head, as if you’re about to do crunches, and lift your head. Try to bring your chin to your chest, as close as possible. While holding this position, lift your buttocks off the floor. Take three deep breaths through your nose. Then, roll the balls up and down for about two to three minutes.

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