From massage therapists it is expected to ease the muscle tension and help us to overcome possible injuries and long-term pain and stiffness. But, not after a one-hour massage your massage therapist knows what kind of work you do, do you use your mobile phone too much, in which position you sleep, etc.


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We bring you a list of things that your massage therapist must know before the procedure.

Things You Must Tell Your Massage Therapist

On which shoulder you carry your bag– People carrying a bag on one shoulder are heavily displaced on one leg. The shoulder that carries the weight is heavily stiffened and painful.

You sit a lot at work– Your lower back becomes weaker and you have a poor circulation.

You sleep on your tummy – This position creates additional pressure on the neck.

You drive your car a lot – The consequences of this habit are hunched shoulders.

You had an injury – If it is acute, the therapist can feel the heat and inflammation. If it’s a chronic inflammation the muscles are dehydrated and tighten. You should tell your therapist if you have wounds that aren’t completely healed especially if you are diabetic.

You are suffering from constipation – This symptom can make your tummy stiff to touch.

You are texting too much – This can be identified by having a head often in a bent position, which creates an imbalance in the shoulders.

You are cold too often– When we are cold we instinctively pull our shoulders towards our ears. If you have such a bad habit during winter months you will more likely get stiff shoulders and neck.

You run or jog –Running and jogging are healthy exercises. But, you should know that your hips and lower back can suffer from it especially if you run regularly. Tenseness in the lower part of the foot often occurs as well, that’s why it is important to tell your massage therapist so he/she can pay attention on that part of your body.

Reference: 20 Secrets Massage Therapists Know About Your Body