Did you just buy new shoes, which look amazing, but they seem to have a little problem? Are they killing your feet because they’re a little bit tight? The dark side of newly bought tight shoes is that they cause blisters and sometimes even wounds. Especially that pair, which you ran to buy, just because it left you breathless (and you didn’t worry that they are perhaps a little tight)!

tight shoes

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To avoid the troubles that tight shoes bring, such as bloody feet and blisters, try some of the following tips.

How To Stretch Your Newly Bought Tight Shoes

1. Potato is the number one solution. Take two medium-size potatoes, peel them and put them in the new shoes, one in each. Leave them overnight. In the morning, you’ll notice that the shoes have loosened a bit.

2. Fill a freezing bag with water, bundle it and place it in one of the shoes. Repeat the same with the other shoe. Then, put them in the freezer for 24 hours. The water will turn into ice and it’ll stretch the shoes, making them a perfect fit for you!

3. You can stretch leather shoes with the help of a hairdryer. Heat the leather for a few minutes, until it softens a bit. Then, put on the shoes with thick socks, and walk around the house, until the leather cools down.

4. You can always make a solution of alcohol and water, at a 50-50 ratio, and rub the shoes with it. Afterwards, put them on and wear them for about a half an hour.

5. Wet a pair of socks with water and drain them well. Put them in the shoes and leave them. As the socks start to dry, the shoes will start to stretch and dilate. You can also do this trick with newspapers.

Probably the best for you to do would be not to buy tight shoes! They may look cute and amazing, but the pain and problems that come with them are not worth it.

How to Stretch New Shoes