Strawberries are a fragrant red fruit, for first time mentioned 2,000 years ago. Apart from the excellent taste, strawberries are extremely healthy. If you are not allergic, there is no reason not to start consuming this wonderful fruit, which is fresh and healthier in the spring time.

strawberries benefits
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Health Benefits Of Strawberries
  1. Promote weight loss

Strawberries are rich in anthocyanins, natural water-soluble matter that helps burn excess fat, which the the body uses as fuel. Some research showed that short-term memory can be positively affected by anthocyanins.

  1. Improve your immunity

This fruit contains flavonoids, which are great for your overall health. They are an excellent source of vitamin C that improves the health and is essential for proper functioning of of the arteries and the adrenal glands. Perhaps, you will be surprised by the fact that only 8 strawberries contain more vitamin C than one orange. One cup of strawberry contains 51.2mg of vitamin C, which is half the recommended daily dose.

  1. Help regulate your blood sugar levels

There was a saying that people with elevated sugar, shouldn’t consume this fruit. On the contrary, a research showed that the fiber they contain helps to control the blood sugar level. They have low glycemic index, and they can be consumed by diabetics. Strawberries can also decrease the cholesterol level in the blood.

  1. Slow down aging signs

Strawberries are very rich in antioxidants. Vitamin C is needed for the body to produce collagen, which improves elasticity and skin resistance. Since collagen production decreases with aging, consuming food rich in vitamin C is necessary to keep the skin youthful and healthy. Apart from vitamin C, the ellagic acidic also excellent for preventing premature wrinkle formation. In other words, strawberries contain two powerful fighters against premature signs of aging.

Strawberry Recipe Of Our Choosing

There are many ways to eat strawberries. Our personal favorite is strawberry infused water that is very easy to make.

Here is the list of ingredient you will need:

  • One lemon
  • Handful of strawberries
  • Glass of water
  •  A couple fresh mint leaves


First, cut the lemon in slices. Then, wash the strawberries, clean them and cut them into pieces. Put the lemon and strawberries slices into a glass. Add the mint leaves on top of them. Once you’ve done that pour the water over them. Stir the liquid and place it in your fridge to chill. After 10 minutes, take it off the fridge and enjoy this refreshment.

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