Smoking is a bad habit that can seriously harm your health. The nicotine, contained in the cigarettes, is what causes the addiction. Once the body gets used to the nicotine, it becomes addicted to it, thus making the person restless and anxious without a cigarette. So, even though smokers are aware that smoking is bad for their health, they continue with this bad habit.


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Smokers say that it’s very difficult to quit smoking. Researches show that even though the physical symptoms disappear after a couple of days, the craving for a cigarette may continue for much longer.

Stevia Can Help You Quit Smoking

Fortunately, a recent German study shows that stevia can help you quit smoking. Stevia is an herb that is used as a natural sweetener, with a bitter sweet taste, which makes it unique. Also, it can block the craving signals sent by the brain, which make a smoker yearn for a cigarette.

Therefore, if you want to quit smoking, a few drops of stevia will do the trick. Place them directly on your tongue, whenever the cigarette craving starts. This trick gives an instant effect, by significantly reducing the cravings.

You can buy stevia in almost all supermarkets and health food stores, or you can grow it yourself.

How To Grow Stevia In Your Home

Stevia is a subtropical plant, which forms a large number of leaves when exposed to direct sunlight and at high temperatures. If you want to plant stevia in pots, use a 12-inch pot, filled with high-quality soil. Make sure to choose a sunny place for pot, exposed to light. Water it whenever you notice that the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

Even though stevia is quite tolerant when it comes to soil type, it gives best results when planted in a sandy-loamy soil. Also, it’s important to allow the water to drain from the pot, so that the roots do not stay submerged in water. Otherwise, it may rot. If you’re using hard soil, put a lot of organic matter, to provide good water-air regime in the root zone. Before planting the stevia, make sure that the dangers of frosting have passed. End of April, or beginning of May would be perfect for planting.

As soon as the plant starts blooming, trim the plant, to make space for new leaves. The harvesting period is 4 months after the planting, or in the beginning of September. The moment you see white flowers on the plant, the harvest time begins.

End of fall is when the stevia leaves are the sweetest. After the harvest, dry the plant immediately. Just cut the stems, stripe the leaves and place them on a cotton fabric. Put the leaves on a warm and light place. After a day or two, they should be dry.

Place the dry stevia leaves in a food processor, and pulse until they a finely chopped, almost like powder. Then, put the chopped leaves in a jar and close it airtight. Store in a cool and dark place. Use it whenever you feel a cigarette craving.