Mold isn’t just harmful for people with allergies. It’s dangerous for all people. Humidity, insufficient ventilation, sudden temperature changes, freezing of the walls – all these are factors that contribute to the appearance of black mold on the walls, windows or the ceiling.


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Mold is a type of fungus that develops in the form of branching filaments, known as hyphae. If you don’t pay attention, the fungus may spread all over the house, conquering new territories with each past day. It can simply destroy your home from the inside.

However, this is not just an ugly phenomenon to the eyes. It can easily become dangerous for the human health. Thus, you should always remove and prevent its occurrence, if not already over-expanded. You should take action and remove it the moment it appears, as mold can cause serious health problems, such as respiratory and skin diseases.

Many of you have already tried different ways to fight this fungus, some with more, others with less success. But, one of the best ways to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, is to eliminate the sources of moisture, and to use anti-mold agents.

Tea tree oil is referred to as the number one natural resource that effectively destroys this type of fungus.

Kill Black Mold With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective in removing black mold. Maybe it’s a bit more expensive than other products, but you only need a small quantity. Thus, we can say that it’s affordable.

Tea tree oil is an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent. This essential oil is made of Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, and is considered safe for both, humans and pets.

This oil is one of the most powerful herbal antiseptics, which effectively destroy pathogenic microorganisms. We can compare its characteristics with chlorine, of course, without the dangerous side effects.

To get rid of mold, mix 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil in 500 milliliters of water. Pour the solution in a spray bottle and shake it to combine. Spray the solution on the problematic area, and allow it to react. Do not rinse the surface after the treatment. The oil will remove the mold and prevent re-emergence. It’ll clean and disinfect the surface perfectly! If necessary, repeat the process.

The only downside in this treatment may be the strong, camphoraceous smell of the tea tree oil. But, don’t worry, it will dissipate in a few days.

You can store the prepared solution indefinitely, as tea tree oil does not lose its effectiveness over time.

Tea Tree Oil
How to Kill Black Mold