Imagine if all you had to do was soak in a hot bath and shed some extra pounds. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful? Well, guess what! According to recent studies, you might actually be able to do that. You might not lose as much weight as you would if you were going for a run, or working out on a bike, but you sure will lose some.

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Hot Bath Therapy And Loss Of Calories

The Loughborough University carried out a research on 14 men, in order to test the effects of hot baths. The objective of the study was to test whether they can help control the blood sugar levels, and ultimately, improve the metabolic fitness. The 14 men were assigned to soak for 1 hour in a 40-degree centigrade hot bath, every day. The intention was to raise their body temperature by 1-degree centigrade within the hour.

The researchers then measured the number of calories the men had burned after each 1-hour session. Blood sugar levels were also measured, for 24 hours, following each trial. Also, there was a control group in the study, subjected to cycling.

The results showed that those who were cycling for an hour, lost more calories. On the other hand, those who were enjoying the pleasure of taking a hot bath each day, lost about 140 calories, which is equivalent to the number of calories a person would burn on a half hour walk.

Health Benefits

The study also showed that the response to blood sugar was similar in both groups. However, in those who were subjected to a 1-hour hot bath session, the blood sugar peaked at a 10% lower rate, compared to those who had been cycling.

Also, the results showed a change in the inflammatory response similar to what is seen after a workout. An anti-inflammatory response after a workout is important, because it helps protect the organism from illnesses and infections. Thus, these results suggest that if you repeatedly heat your body, you could lower the risk of chronic inflammation.

Yet another study compared the intensity of heat produced when running on a treadmill, to that produced when immersed in a hot bath. Immersion in hot water showed a greater increase in the body temperature, as compared to a workout on the treadmill. The hot bath treatment also showed a higher reduction in the blood pressure levels, which is linked to a reduced probability of cardiovascular disorders.

This study indicates that passive heating may have effects on the cardiovascular system, similar to those of a workout. It also applies that hot baths could have positive effects on the metabolism, and thereby, can help regulate the blood sugar levels.

Diabetes And Hot Baths

In a study conducted by Philip Hooper, patients with type 2 diabetes were subjected to a hot tub therapy for three weeks. The results showed a loss of body weight, reduced dependency on insulin, and controlled blood sugar.

So, if you struggle with working out, or can’t find enough time to work out as much as you’d like to, then a hot tub therapy might just be the ideal way to go! It can help you shed some of the those extra pounds, while improving your overall health!

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