Sleep is a natural state of mind that plays an important role in the physical health of the human body. While we sleep, the body gets a chance to reboot and rest from the long and exhausting day. It’s a really pleasant feeling when you wake up well rested, right? But, if you don’t get enough sleep during the night, you’ll be tired in the morning and throughout the entire day. Moreover, recent studies show that sleep deprivation can be much worse than we think!

sleep deprivation

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The Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Some Life Threatening Health Conditions
Prostate Cancer

A study, conducted on adult Icelandic men at age between 67 and 96, has shown that those with sleeping problems have 60 percent more chances of developing prostate cancer throughout their life. The scientists point out that the connection between sleep deprivation and prostate cancer is the low level of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal glands, which controls the sleep cycles. In addition, it can be found in certain types of food, such as meat, fruits and vegetables, and can also be bought in the form of a supplement.

Alzheimer’s Disease

In a study, conducted by the John’s Hopkins University, researchers have found that poor sleeping habits can be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease (ALS). In addition, lack of sleep can accelerate the progression of the disease. This is mainly because of the imbalance of the amyloid beta in some parts of the brain. Amyloid beta is a substance that’s crucially involved in Alzheimer’s disease.


Many studies show that there’s a link between sleep deprivation and diabetes. Even more, a study conducted by the University of Chicago shows that there’s a link between obesity and poor sleeping habits. And, as we all already know, obesity additionally increases the chances of getting diabetes, regardless of the age. When you’re not getting enough sleep, fatty acids rapidly accumulate in the blood and further mess with the blood sugar levels.

In addition, there are scientists who connect sleep deprivation with cardiovascular diseases, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, chronic fatigue, headaches, poor vision, etc.

In order to stay healthy, you need to get a good night’s sleep. This way, you’re reducing the chances of getting any of the aforementioned diseases. Your work can always wait, but your health can’t!

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