After we saw this trick on the internet, we decided to write about putting salt on the watermelon. We were very skeptical and we did not expect anything but a scrambled appetizer, but we were terribly wrong.

salty watermelon

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Watermelon is an ideal summer fruit because it completely hydrates your body, and contains low calorie value which makes it an ideal fruit for all those who prefer healthier diet. It contains an abundance of water, about 92 percent, which gives its flesh a soft and slightly crunchy texture and makes it a favorite fruit snack. Many people don’t know that China is the country that has the highest number of watermelons in the world. Watermelons are rich in lycopene – one cup of watermelon contains more lycopene than one cup of tomatoes, which is amazing.

Why You Should Put A Little Bit Of Salt On Your Watermelon Slices

What is this really about? You must have said that year after year it is harder to find the right, sweet watermelon that will satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re all kind of watery and tasteless, right? But, this trick can come in handy thanks to its contrast to the sweet taste of watermelon, while also removing a good part of the water, leaving only a slice of juicy watermelon. Not only that, you should use salt to produce more saliva and wake up your taste buds, so the watermelon gets sensational flavor in your mouth.

What you should pay attention to is not to put too much salt on it – a small amount of salt on a whole slice of watermelon is enough. If you’re put additional salt over the watermelon slices, you’ll ruin everything because you will not feel a sweet taste, but a salty one.

Try it, this idea is not bad at all!

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