Many people believe that negative energy is the root of their health problems. That’s why they buy expensive amulets and charms, such as bracelets, stones, weird sprays and so on, to keep them safe. But, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to protect your home from negative energy. This trick will keep you and your home safe, and it doesn’t cost a thing!


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Whenever you feel as if something is draining the positive energy from your home, make a salt-water solution. This saline has proven to be effective in purifying the body and home from the following:

– A lack of energy and enthusiasm;
– Bad performance;
– Incapability to think;
– Negative thoughts;
– Any type of negative emotion such as anger, fear, etc ;
– Anxiety and depression;
– Physical illness such as diabetes, chronic pain, Parkinson’s and so on.

How To Make Salt-Water Solution Against Negative Energy

For the preparation of this solution, you will need the following ingredients:

– 2 tablespoons of rock salt (you can use any type of salt: sea salt, Celtic, Himalayan, or Kosher)
– 1/3 of water
– 1/3 of distilled white vinegar
– A glass

Method of preparation:

Fill the glass with the ingredients and stir a bit, so that they combine. Place the resulting salt-water solution in the corners of your home, in the rooms where you stay the most. Usually, these are the living room and the bedrooms. Leave the solution for one whole day. If you have energy problems in your home, the solution will be smudgy and blur. Empty the glass and repeat the procedure until you get a clear solution at the end of the day. The water should be bright and clear just as when you left it!

If this routine complicates your daily activities, you can simply put a bowl with sea salt in the corners of your rooms. Change it daily, as with the salt-water solution.

Rock salt has a remarkable ability to absorb negative energy and vibes from both, your home and body.


Salt Water Spiritual Remedy – For Removing Negative Energy
Clear Bad Energy From a Room, a House, and Even Yourself