You probably already know that warm water opens up the pores and makes your skin breathable, while cold water closes the pores and tightens the skin. But did you know that cold water is doing exactly the same to the human digestive tract? Probably most of us did not. This article will take you through the consequences of drinking cold water.

cold water

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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Cold Water?

1. Interferes with digestion and hydration. When we drink cold beverages, they slow down the digestion of food and therefore it is more difficult for the body to stay hydrated for longer period.

2. Steals nutrients. Instead of being able to digest the food and absorb the nutrients in the intestines for energy boost, your body will consume all the energy, to regulate its temperature, disturbed by the cold water. This can lead to loss of water.

3. Increases the probability of colds. Drinking cold water after a meal produces excess mucus in the body, which can lead to deterioration of the immune system, and therefore make you more susceptible to colds and other diseases.

4. Prevents breaking down fats. You should not drink cold beverages during a meal or after a meal, because the water temperature firms the food fats in your stomach and makes it more difficult for the body to break them down. This can only lead to an appearance of unwanted, excess fats in your body.

5. Brings additional burden to the body. Some people say that drinking cold water is helpful because it burns more calories. However, while the digestive system is working harder, your body is exposed to additional difficulties. You should find a better way to burn calories than this one.

Doctors advise to drink water and other beverages at room temperature, even if it’s too hot outside and you want a glass of cold water or some other drink to refresh yourself. Otherwise, if you don’t respect this rule, you will shock your organism with the differences in temperature.

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