Have you ever heard about reverse hair wash? Many hairdressers guarantee the effectiveness of this trick. They can that it can save your hair, no matter the problem you’re facing. Fine and oily hair, lifeless and dull, flat hair with no volume, you name it! This trick is the perfect way to wash your hair, and give you that gorgeous look you always wanted!

reverse hair wash

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Reverse hair wash means that you need to use conditioner first, and then shampoo.

Reverse Hair Wash System

Actually, this is a pretty simple washing routine. You’ll be doing the same steps, but in a reverse way, with the promise of better results with the conditioner and shampoo you already use.

First, wet your hair and apply conditioner. Rub it on the entire hair, and leave it for about 5 minutes. Then, rinse with lukewarm water. Next comes the shampoo. Wash your hair thoroughly, as you usually do. And that’s it! This is a typical washing, done in a reverse way!

Many people hesitate trying this washing method, as they are used to regular hair wash. But, don’t think twice, just try it! You have nothing to lose! Your hair will be smoother, tangle-free, frizz-free, voluminous, and what’s most important, it’ll be healthier and it won’t get greasy that fast!

The Advantages Of Reverse Hair Wash

Using a conditioner on your hair before shampoo has many advantages, such as:

– Hydrated and voluminous hair (attributes that every woman wants!);
– Keeping the hair moisturized longer (hair experts recommend to use this washing method in the summer, when the hot weather dries the hair more than usual);
– Healthier, deeply nourished hair, with an increased lifespan.

If you want to have a voluminous and healthy hair, we encourage you to try this reverse hair wash method. Regardless of your hair type!