The toothpaste serves for brushing teeth but your can use it for many more practical things. But, did it occur to you that perhaps the tube of used toothpaste may come in handy?

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Actually the tube of empty toothpaste can be used for storing a number of materials and it is very practical if you haven’t got too much space at home or when you are planning to travel.

How to Reuse Your Toothpaste Tube For Many Things

We should care about our environment, and minimize plastic waste. So don’t throw away the toothpaste tube and make it useable again. Here’s how to do it.

You will need:

  • Empty toothpaste tube
  • Aluminum foil
  • Iron
  • Scissors


First, you need to cut off the end part of the toothpaste tube and wash it from any toothpaste residue. Next, fill the tube with whatever you want, you can use shampoo, face cream, mayo, ketchup, and lubricating oil for cars. Leave about 3-4 centimeters, so you can twist the end of the tube a few times. Once you’ve done this step, wrap the end in aluminum foil so you protect your iron from sticking on the plastic tube.

Then, place the wrapped tube on wooden -board and iron the end part of the toothpaste tube at maximum temperature. Move you iron up and down the end a few times, so the plastic is firmly sealed.  Leave the toothpaste tube to rest for a while and when it cools down remove the aluminum foil.

And that’s it. It’s quite simple and cool right? What do you say about this amazing idea? You certainly will not throw a tube of toothpaste ever again and you will give it another great purpose.

To learn more about this awesome trick, watch the video down below:

Reference: How To Make A Reusable Toothpaste Tube