It is widely known that the banana is one of the favorite fruit among the youngsters. However, the experience of this mother will make you more cautious the next time you give this sweet snack to your kid.

red streak
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Why You Should Carefully Inspect The Banana Before You Give It To Your Kid

Lisa Merlin, a mother from the United Kingdom, gave her 8-year-old kid a banana she just bought at the supermarket. The girl suddenly got sick. Lisa took the banana and was shocked when she saw what her baby was eating. The banana had a reddish-brown streak in the middle, this line stretched through the whole fruit.

She went online to see what it was and found out that it is a fungus called Nigrospora. Quickly she took her daughter and rushed her to the hospital.

The doctors calm her down and explained to her that there was no reason for panic because it was a kind of black mold that is a fungus which does not cause permanent damage towards human health. In this case, this fungus caused a psychosomatic reaction, and that’s why the kid was feeling sick.

There were a lot of people who bought bananas at the same supermarket and found this fungus. Throughout the year, such cases appear periodically and confuse people that often put photos online and ask for an explanation of what was happening to their bananas.

Is this fungus dangerous and what does it to our body?

The fungus named Nigrosporum belongs to the group of molds and according to previous research, it is not dangerous for human health because it is destroyed by the gastric acid in our stomach. However, it’s not yet known whether this fungus releases toxins that remain after it’s destroyed and whether they are resistant to high temperatures (cooking, etc.).

As for the banana that has a red center that looks like blood, it’s certainly not a pleasant sight for adults to see, let alone children to see and eat. Therefore, before you give a banana to your child carefully inspect it and if it’s anything wrong with it, throw it away.

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Picture by: Reddit & Imgrum