There’s evidence showing that electronic devices are harmful to our health. Of course, the main reason is radiation. Unfortunately, more and more children come in contact with these devices. Since babes, they learn how to use them and play games, watch cartoons, or listen to their favorite songs. Probably, there’s no parent who hasn’t bought at least one electronic gadget to its child.

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Here’s Why Kids Younger Than 12 Years Of Age Shouldn’t Play With Electronic Devices
1. Consequences In Development

Excessive Internet use on these electronic devices (laptops, tablets, mobiles), may lead to problems with literacy and academic development. Hence, do not let your children use the Internet as an only source of information. Sometimes, they can stumble upon some very conflicting information. Instead, allow them to use books, which you have previously read, and you know that can be much more useful.

2. Problems With Obesity

Nowadays, many people struggle with obesity. Kids included. Most people have this problem due to lack of physical activity. So sitting in front of a computer can trap you, or your child, sitting on a chair for many hours, without even thinking to go to the toilet. And, as we all already know, obesity puts people at risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases.

3. Damage The Kid’s Eyesight

The LED Lights in the electronic devices can harm the eyes of your child. Recent studies show that the emission of blue light by the tablets, laptops and mobile phones can weaken the eyesight. Since the children’s eyes are not fully developed before the age of 10, parents should limit their use of digital devices. Otherwise, damaging the eyes and wearing glasses is inevitable.

4. Growing Dependency On Technology

Modern technology may take away the real childhood from your children. Instead of playing outside, with their peers, they remain at home playing on the mobile phone or computer. Also, there’s a risk of them becoming antisocial, and a frequent target of bullies.