Essential oils are widely known for their antioxidant and antibacterial properties and are commonly used in aromatherapy. Thanks to the latest news brought to us by scientific researches, now it is known that they also possess anti-cancer properties.

Frankincense essential oil

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Chinese scientists have been studying the healing properties of the most popular essential oils, including ginger, peppermint, grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, thyme, chamomile, incense, cinnamon, rose… For each of these oils, they have been examining their antibacterial properties, as well as the effect on the human carcinoma cells in breasts, lungs and prostate. The scientists have noticed that the frequency of oil used has a direct, destructive impact on the cancer cells, meaning the more often an essential oil is used the bigger is the percentage of cancer cells being destroyed. Some even say that essential oils have the ability to “tell” to human cells what their right DNA code should be.

All of the oils have demonstrated a strong cytotoxicity against prostate cancer cells, while the majority has proven to be effective against lung cancer cells. When examining the effect of essential oils on breast cancer cells, thyme, jasmine, cinnamon and chamomile oil have proven to be most effective. Thyme essential oil is destroying as much as 97% of breast cancer cells, while chamomile about 93%.

In order to demonstrate and prove its effectiveness, an essential oil must be of high quality and with tested purity. Try avoiding the synthetically produced oils of low quality and the oils adulterated with alcohol or other substances.

The Energy Of Essential Oils

The energy that flows through organic life is expressed in electromagnetic frequency. Therapeutic grade essential oils have been measured to have one of the highest frequencies of all natural substances. When comparing ailments vs human body vs food vs essential oils, the following has been found: cold and flu symptoms demonstrate about 58 MHz; candida has 55MHz; cancer diseases show 42 MHz; while death begins at 25 MHz; brain of a healthy human being has 72-90 MHz, while the body during daytime 62-68 MHz; processed and canned food has 0 MHz, while fresh produced food up to 15 MHz; dry herbs 12-22 MHz and fresh herbs 20-27 MHz; live sprouts 150 MHz; pure essential oils 52-320MHz.

Detailed analysis of essential oils shows the following: Rose 320 MHz, Lavender 118MHz, Chamomile 105 MHz, Juniper 98 MHz, Peppermint 78 MHz, Basil 52MHz, Frankincense 147 MHz…

Frankincense Essential Oil

The frankincense oil is known to be a cancer killer. It attacks the cancerous cells and stops the reproduction of the corrupted DNA code. Its effectiveness is owed to active agents it contains, especially the monoterpenes, diterpenes, Boswellia acids and sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. All these are compounds with the ability to stop and eliminate cancerous cells right after their formation, as well as in their development stages.

Frankincense oil has been used for thousands of years in aromatherapy, religious rituals, cosmetics, and as a therapeutic and healing agent. It is made out of the resin coming from the Boswellia Sacra tree that is commonly grown in northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Its name originates from the old French “franc encens” meaning quality incense.

Frankincense oil is known to help when suffering from cancers to the liver, brain, bladder, lungs, breasts, with bone marrow degeneration, leukemia, cervical, prostate and pancreatic cancer, melanoma. The oil can be applied over the affected area by rubbing it all over the skin, it can be ingested and inhaled. Two to three drops per day are the recommended daily dosage.

Frankincense oil also helps improve circulation and blood flow through the vessels that have been earlier damaged by an inflammation; helps lower bad cholesterol; treats arthritis, Crohn’s disease and cysts; aides wound healing; balances the hormonal system in women; protects from infections. Helps treat disorders that affect the nervous system, eases depression and anxiety. It has regenerative effects to the skin, giving a natural lifting effect, reducing wrinkles, acne and smallpox scars.

All in all, the natural healing medicine conveys the message that the usage of frankincense oils, and all other essential oils in general, is a good way to increase the body’s electrical frequency, and prevent and fight diseases. Higher frequency in essential oils means higher energy levels and bigger chances to overpower diseases of lower frequencies. A little goes a long way… a drop of oil applied on the sole of your feet can travel through your body and positively affect in the hurting area in just a minute.

Focusing on the cancer topic, up until now essential oils have usually been used as an accompaniment of the chemotherapy when treating patients, to help improve their physical, emotional and spiritual being. Now, research results show us that proper usage and application of essential oils can be the natural method we have all been looking for. Usage of essential oils has a potential to replace the aggressive chemotherapy treatment and treat cancer with a high cure rate and no side effects.