Are you a parent? Do you make your children sandwiches with processed cheese? Or do you use it to make toast? Even though this type of cheese may taste very good, in reality, it’s not healthy at all.

processed cheese

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What’s In Processed Cheese? Is It Made Of Plastic?

Processed cheese does contain cheese, but it also has emulsifiers, food colorings, extra salt, sugar and saturated vegetable oils. There are many varieties of processed cheese. The American cheese is one of them. It has a longer shelf life than the other types of cheese, and it’s much cheaper and widely available.

The FDA uses a legal definition of processed cheese. It defines it as a sort of food that’s made by heating, pulverizing and mixing different types of cheese, with an emulsifier, into a consistent plastic mass.

Plastic Vs. Processed Cheese

Yes, it’s logical that real cheese would start to melt on an open fire. And due to the high heat, it will eventually start dripping. But, this woman showed just the opposite with processed cheese.

Namely, she took a slice of American cheese and tried to melt it with a lighter. But, the expected did not happen. Instead, the cheese slice started to burn! It did not melt, and it certainly did not start to drip. It remained stiff and only got darker – just as when we try to melt a piece of plastic!!!

This should be a wake-up call for all of us! What do we eat? What kind of garbage do we put in our bodies? And even worse, the bodies of our children? We have to really pay more attention to every single thing that we eat! Especially today, since profit is one of the most important criteria of all manufacturers!

So what’s in processed cheese? Is your favorite flavored cheese made of rubber, plastic, perhaps even nylon?

Maybe it does not contain plastic, but it has a lot of emulsifying agents. When we say a lot, we mean A LOT! This is not good for the human health at all, and on top of it, it contains artificial flavorings, saturated fats and so on.

To see what we talk about, just watch these two videos:

Plastic vs American Cheese