The number of people who suffer from insomnia grows each day and greatly affects the quality of life. It does not matter if you cannot fall asleep, or if you wake up during the night. Because of the insomnia, you need more sleep, are much more tired and under constant stress. This condition takes its toll and reduces your ability to function during the day.


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To overcome insomnia, anxiety, and worries, you can use a very old, self-healing method, known as acupressure.

Press The Spirit Gate Point, To Beat Insomnia, Worries, Anxiety And Depression

The point Shenmen, or the Spirit Gate, is located on the major wrist crease. It’s on the inside area of the joint, lining up with the small finger.

Here’s what you need to do.

Place the index finger of one of your hands on the Shenmen acupressure point of the opposite hand. Start to rub the area gently, and then apply pressure on the point for about a minute. Don’t forget to relax and take deep breaths.

After you’re done with the first hand, repeat the same procedure on the other hand.

Why Do We Call This Pressure Point The Spirit Gate? What Are The Benefits Of Pressing It?

The lines that link the pressure points to one another are called meridians. Some people believe that these meridians allow the flow of energy throughout the body. And, that the Shenman point is a gate that allows the energy from the heart to go out into the world, and vice versa. Hence, this point is also known as emotional point Heart 7.

Pressing the Spirit Gate point is great for anxiety and nervousness. According to the Chinese medicine, the heart opens into the tongue, which allows us to speak. And the tongue ties and you don’t want to say, take a few moments and press this point. You’ll experience immediate relief!

Pressing this point will help you reduce anxiety, it’ll make you feel calmer, your heart will be more settled, and you’ll get an instant relief. Without the stress, nervousness and worries, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep, feel more relaxed and energetic.

To find out more about the Heart 7 pressure point, watch the video down below.

How to Relieve Worry, Anxiety, Depression, and More – Acupressure, Heart 7
Heart 7