In the US, less than 1 percent of people have a small hole above the ears. But, in Asia and in some parts of Africa, there are about 4 percent of people with this hole. This is not a serious condition, but a very unique one. What some scientists say is that this hole is an evolutionary heritage. It is usually located in a place where the ear joins the face, and it’s called a preauricular sinus.

preauricular sinus

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Preauricular Sinus And Cyst. Is This Condition Dangerous?

This hole is a dimple, dent or nodule. It can be noticed at the exterior of the ear, where the person’s face encounters the ear cartilage. Also, it can appear on one, or on both ears.

The preauricular sinus is a congenital birth defect, first described in 1864, by the scientist Van Heusinger. Neil Shubin, an evolutionary biologist, speculates that this condition might be an evolutionary remain of gills, a tissue found in fish.

Usually, these holes do not pose a threat to the human health. But sometimes, if not properly cleaned, they may get infected. If they become infected, a 7-day antibiotic treatment is often necessary. Also, the use of some topical ointments might be required.

If it comes to a preauricular cyst, it should be treated with a surgery. Because of their closeness to the facial nerve, it’s recommendable the surgery to be performed by a qualified surgeon, such as a plastic surgeon, or an otolaryngologist (specialist for the head and neck).

We can safely conclude that this type of condition is nothing serious, or life threatening. If infected, it’s easily treated. In the worst-case scenario, you will need a small surgery to get rid of the holes.

And last, but not least, don’t try piercing the hole, to put an earring into it. You can only irritate and infect the place.

Preauricular sinus and cyst
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