Have you ever tried pineapple water? It’s a naturally-flavored water, which besides keeping your body hydrated, has powerful healing properties that can help improve your overall health.

pineapple water

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To be able to enjoy the beneficial properties of this water, you’ll need to consume it on a daily basis. But worry not, as its preparation is very simple and it won’t disturb your daily routines while making it.

For the preparation, you’ll need half a fresh pineapple and 2 liters of filtered water. Before going to bed, cut the pineapple in cubes and immerse it in the water overnight. In the morning, strain the liquid and transfer it in a glass bottle. Do not throw away the pineapple cubes, but eat them, or use them to prepare a delicious desert, fruit salad or a smoothie.

Drink the pineapple water throughout the entire day, in small sips.

Note: For the preparation of each dose always use a fresh pineapple. Also, don’t add sugar in the water.

The Health Benefits Of Pineapple Water
1. Lose Weight

Pineapple infused water is rich in thiamine, which improves the metabolism and increases the amount of energy in the body, by helping to decompose carbohydrates. Drinking this water will discourage you from having to replenish energy with sweets or coffee.

Also, if you consume fresh pineapple, which is rich in fiber that give you a feeling of satiety, you additionally support the weight loss effects and keep the levels of the blood sugar at the right value.

2. Improve Digestion

The bromelain compounds help the body process proteins and carbohydrates more efficiently.

3. Detox Your Body

Thanks to the high fiber content, pineapple water will stimulate your body to quickly remove toxic waste from the intestines and liver. Also, it contains effective antioxidants that protect against heavy metals and free radicals.

4. Eliminate Parasites

According to some studies, the bromelain found in the pineapple fruit can kill a whole range of parasites, such as tapeworms.

5. Support The Functioning Of The Thyroid Gland

Pineapple is rich in iodine, an ingredient that is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and consequently, for the proper production of hormones. This fruit can help you successfully treat thyroid related problems, like hypothyroidism, which can cause a feeling of energy deficiency, weight gain and lower resistance to diseases.

6. Balance Electrolyte Levels

Pineapple water contains potassium, which is an essential electrolyte. It is important for the development, growth and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. Also, it stimulates the enzymes that burn carbohydrates and accelerate the metabolism, and helps regulate the blood pressure levels.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Agent

In pineapple water we find bromelain, a compound that helps regulate the inflammatory reactions in the human body. Regular consumption of fresh pineapple can alleviate bruising and swelling, as well as pain after a surgery or an injury. Also, it significantly reduces time needed for healing.

In addition, pineapple infused water can help alleviate chronic pain caused by arthritis and joint pain.

8. Anti-Cancer Properties

According to some studies, beta-carotene plays can help prevent prostate cancer. Did you know that you can find this antioxidant in pineapples?

9. Improve Vision

The high beta-carotene content helps prevent loss of vision. According to some studies, regular consumption of fresh pineapple can help prevent macular degeneration caused by age.

10. Protect The Teeth And Strengthen The Gums

Dentists often advise us not to consume excessive amounts of fruit, due to a possible damage to the enamel. However, pineapple is an exception to this. Namely, the bromelain content prevents stains on the teeth and it helps remove dental plaque.

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