Bleeding in the middle of the cycle may indicate ovulation, ovarian cysts, the presence of polyps or myoma in the uterus. That’s why it is necessary to visit the gynecologist to remove any doubts.

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All symptoms of PMS and there are more than 150, carry a woman through various stages. Although mood swings and increased appetite are the best-known symptoms of PMS, lack of concentration, fatigue, headaches, and skin sensitivity are not that far behind.

The path to menstruation, in most cases, is followed by severe stomach pain. However, after the menstruation passes you are free until the next month.

What Causes Two Periods In One Month In Women

But, what happens to women who are bleeding twice in one month?

Regular cycles occur between 23 and 35 days and last four to seven days in most cases. All deviations should be checked. Bleeding in the middle of the cycle may mean ovulation time. However, both cysts on the ovary, as well as the presence of polyps or myomas in the uterus, can cause bleeding outside of the cycle.

It should pay attention to several other causes of bleeding out of the cycle. Hormonal imbalances, disorders of the thyroid gland, atypical sugar and insulin levels, stress, and climate changes can cause unusual bleeding.

Changes to the cervix or more serious changes in the uterus, as well as severe inflammation and problematic infection, can be the cause of abnormal bleeding. Moreover, long-term presence of the spiral or changes in its position, the use of some drugs or procedures can also cause changes in the menstrual cycle. The spectrum of the cause of bleeding outside the regular cycle is very diverse and in any case should be an alarm to visit your doctor.

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