You won’t believe what will happen with your health if you sleep in a cold room! According to experts, sleeping in a room with low temperature speeds up the metabolism. It also increases the volume and usage of brown fat in the body. Unlike the white, brown fat is considered good fat.

cold room

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As we all already know, a good night’s sleep is very important for the overall health. Additionally, new studies show that our health can be further improved if we sleep in a cold bedroom. The cold temperature in our bedrooms has the power to subtly transform the brown fat into a highly usable energy, which lasts during the entire day. It also speeds up the metabolism.

Up until recently, experts believed that there is no brown fat in adults. But, in the last few years, a very small amount, about the size of a teaspoon, has been found in the upper back and neck in many adults. This happens to be quite important, as unlike white fat, brown fat is good and metabolically active.

Hence, sleeping in a cold room can significantly improve our health by increasing the volume and usability of brown fat. Knowing this, it seems that the northerners are right when they start opening luxury hotels made of ice.

What Really Happens If You Sleep In A Cold Room

Recent studies show that cold temperature changes the human body significantly and provides great metabolic benefits. What’s surprising, is that after a several weeks of sleep at a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, the brown fat increases twice in volume and more calories are spent. The sensitivity to insulin, which is influenced by the blood sugar changes, improves. Even though these are small changes, the change is still significant. This further reduces the risk of diabetes and other metabolic problems.

If you switch sleeping in a warmer room, at about 27 degrees Celsius, the metabolic improvements of sleeping in a cold room will diminish.

Hence, an expert’s recommendation is to lower the temperatures in the bedroom. Sleeping in a cold bedroom creates a constant increase in the body’s internal temperature, which further contributes to accelerating the metabolism, reinforcing the immune system and enhancing the overall health.