The true origin of today’s cultivated lettuce is not exactly known. Some believe that it descends from the wild lettuce, whose homeland is probably somewhere in Siberia. Also, there’s data that lettuce has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Did you know that the well-known convulsing physician Hippocrates used this vegetable as a medicine?


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Nutritional Value Of Lettuce

Lettuce has a small energy value of 18.5 Cal per 100 grams. It contains a lot of water, i.e. about 95% of its content is water. The amount of basic nutrients is relatively small, and therefore, it’s recommendable to people who are on a restricted diet.

This green vegetable contains minerals, such as 218 mg of potassium, 35 mg of phosphorus, 23 mg of calcium and 9.7 mg of magnesium. Then, vitamin C, beta carotene (provitamin A), and vitamin E.

The main carrier of the medicinal properties of this vegetable is lactucarium, which works in three ways. It acts as an analgesic, meaning that it relieves pain; then as an antidepressant, meaning that it reduces or soothes nervous irritability; and as a hypnotic agent, which can help you to fall asleep.

Health Benefits
Diuretic Properties

Lettuce has diuretic properties, which means that it promotes urination and the removal of excess water from the body. So, if you suffer from edema, you should consume this green leafy vegetable, to solve your problems with water retention.

Antispasmodic Properties

This green vegetable is recommendable for people who suffer from diseases that trigger spasms in the body, such as asthma, cough, etc.

Radioactive Protection

According to some research, the fresh leaves of lettuce and its fresh juice have protective effects against radiation. You can use this vegetable alongside the therapy for radiation.

For A Good Night’s Sleep

In the evening, instead of dinner, eat a generous portion of green lettuce salad. While helping you save on calories, it will also help you have a good night’s sleep.

Remedy For Cough, Nervousness, And Insomnia

This vegetable has a positive effect on the nervous and respiratory system, which makes it ideal for the treatment of cough, nervousness, and insomnia. For the preparation of the remedy, you need 80g of fresh lettuce leaves and a liter of water. Cook the leaves in the water for 15 to 25 minutes. Then, strain the liquid and sweeten it according to your preference. Drink 3 cups of this remedy per day, making sure that one is always before bedtime.

For Puffy Eyes And Tooth Swelling

Soak the leaves of this vegetable in water, and then apply them to your eyes. The swelling will quickly disappear. You can use the same compress to treat tooth swelling.

For Contusions And Bruises

Soak the lettuce leaves in boiling water. Remove them from the water, chop them into pieces and add a little bit of olive oil. Apply this compress on contusions, hematomas, and bruises.

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