Nose hair is a nuisance for both men and women, and everyone has its own method of getting rid of it. And we bet you are doing it wrong. Nose hair that comes from our nostrils usually is connected with men, but it is equally a woman’s problem. However, many women are ashamed to talk about it.

nose hair
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Why We Shouldn’t Pluck Or Wax The Nose Hair

We all have hairs in the nose, including children, because they are very important to our body. They catch pieces of dust, bacteria, and dirt. If we don’t have nose hair everything we breathe in will enter in our lungs and end up inside our body.

The hair in our nostrils is there for a good reason – if we do not need them, they simply would not exist. When you breathe through the nose, the air is filtered through the defense systems, including the hair that filters all the harmful substances and protects against infections and irritation.

When you rub these hairs, whether, with tweezers or even wax (yes, people do it), you open the doors to the bacteria that further cause infections.

These are the most important reasons why you shouldn’t wax nose hair or use tweezers:

  1. When you pluck these hairs, whether you use tweezers or wax, you open the door to the bacteria that further cause infections.
  2. If you wax this area of your face, you can easily get ingrown hair in it. You know how inconvenient this condition is, even in places that are easy to reach, let alone at such an inaccessible place like nostrils.
  3. The triangle of death. We have already written about this triangle that is on the face, including the nose. If an infection occurs in the triangle of death, it can easily spread to the brain.

You probably wonder how to get rid of nose hairs properly?

Of course, you do not have to leave the hair stretch outside your nostrils. Under no circumstances, do not pluck the hairs, but shorten or trim them with special scissors.

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