One of the most common health problems, and one of the most common diseases among people, is the high blood pressure. It can explain many changes in the health status, such as bad mood, headaches, insomnia and other problems. Blood pressure can vary several times in the course of a day, while the normal blood pressure is individual for every person.

normal blood pressure

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In this article, we show you the doctor’s answer for the question what blood pressure is normal for a person. Namely, it strongly depends on the age and gender, and on the presence of certain chronic diseases.

What Is Considered As Normal Blood Pressure

According to the latest researches, the optimal blood pressure in an average adult is considered a value from 120/80 to 130/85 mm Hg. But, this indicator cannot be a constant for all people and it needs to adapt to the different living conditions. Since all people are different, within reasonable limits, it’s allowable for the blood pressure to vary.

Here below we show you the normal blood pressure levels, according to age. Still, keep in mind that your blood pressure may slightly differ from what we show below, as we are all different as individuals. Thus, if you suspect anything unusual with your blood pressure, consult a doctor.

20 years old women: 116/72; men: 123/76;
– 20 to 30 years old women: 120/75; men: 126/79;
30 to 40 years old women: 127/80; men: 129/81;
40- 50 years old women: 137/84; men: 135/83;
50-60 years old women: 144/85; men: 142/85;
Older than 70 years women: 145/85; men: 142/80.

As you can see, the older a person gets, the higher the blood pressure values becomes. This is associated with the age changes in the blood vessels, in the heart muscle and in other organs. Also, if your blood pressure is higher than 150/90, you should seek professional help, due to the risk of a stroke or heart attack.