Every time, when a new study shows a potential cancer-fighting drug, it is a good day. And, scientists in Europe may have found a breakthrough for breast cancer.

breast cancer

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The most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer. Statistics show that 1 in 8 American women will develop it throughout their lives. Fortunately, science develops. A clinical trial may have found a way to get rid of this threat for good.

Prof. Nigel Bundred presented a study at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam, which shows the efficacy of the combination of two drugs, Herceptin and Tyverb, in the fight against breast cancer, diagnosed with HER2 positive.

Namely, these two drugs have been (are) used in the treatment of breast cancer, but this is the first time that they were combined together, and used before surgery and chemotherapy. When taken together, these two drugs manage to control the HER2 protein that affects growth and division of cancer cells, and eventually, help to eliminate the tumor. And, best of all is that the first results are visible in just 11 days. Isn’t this outcome astonishing?

What makes this treatment even more appealing is the fact that in some cases, it can eliminate the need for chemotherapy and/or surgery.

The UK Breast Cancer Study: Drug Cocktail Of Herceptin And Tyverb

257 women with HER2 positive breast cancer have been selected for the study, before undergoing surgery to remove the deadly tumors. They were divided into 3 groups:

– In the first group, the women were given Herceptin
– The second group received the combination of Herceptin and Tyverb
– The women in the third group received no treatment

First two groups were given 11 days of treatment after diagnosis and before surgery. The third group, as already mentioned, did not receive any type of medication before surgery.

In the end, the study’s results showed that 87 percent of the women that received the combination therapy showed a decline in the HER2 protein, and therefore, a decline in cancer cells. And, in total 11 percent of women saw the tumors shrink and vanish.

The results of the women who received only Herceptin showed no significant signs of tumor reduction.

Current problem is that Herceptin is only available with chemotherapy prescriptions. But, we hope that the results of this study can help change that.

We’re still waiting for more studies to be done, so we can fully exploit the effectiveness of this cancer-fighting drug cocktail.

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