Many researchers have tried to establish whether stress, repressed anger and other negative emotions can cause cancer. Although their opinions are still divided, it’s a fact that people who have managed to cure themselves from the disease mainly kept their focus on staying happy, positive and optimistic.


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Knowing this, many of us are convinced that as stress and other negative emotions increase, so does the susceptibility to malignant tumors.

Research On Negative Emotions And Cancer

The human body and mind are tightly connected. No one has doubts about this anymore. Hence, the emotional health is just as important as the physical healthy. What’s also important is the positive look on life. And, recent research confirms us just that!

Research shows that people with an optimistic attitude have a lower risk of heart disease, and less chance of developing cancer, when compared to people who are closed and non-confidential.

Researches for emotions and health, conducted on cancer patients in the previous century, are also important. They show that patients who suppress their feelings, or are not even aware of them, have a slower recovery than patients who tend to express their emotions.

This leads us to the finding that the normal functioning of the human body is not affected only by moderate and regular physical activity, adequate sleep, diet and health care; but also by our openness to other people, and the environment that surrounds us. Open people eject negative emotions faster and more easily, and do not retain them at all. On the other hand, closed people, due to their fear of being hurt, or for some other reasons, withdraw into themselves. And along with that, they retain the negative emotions. This may eventually lead to developing a disease of a certain organ. Or even worse, to the later occurrence of cancer.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Try to be positive and to look at the bright side of life, regardless of what’s happening. Look at your glass as if it’s half full, not half empty. And remember, according to recent research, patients who are aware of their feelings usually have a stronger immunity and smaller tumors.

In the United States, we have many workshops in which people learn not to bury their feelings, to control anger and negative emotions. At the same time, they learn how to be open and how to express their emotions.

Perhaps, keeping a diary is a good way for you to release your negative emotions. If you’re unhappy or angry, put everything on paper, to get rid of it!

Daily recognition of your emotions is something that can help you reduce the stress, anger and other negative emotions to a minimum. Besides writing them down, you can also talk to your family and close friends, or even go to a therapist.

And finally – exercise! There’s no better way of overcoming the negative state of mind! Have you ever tried running? In this way, you’ll strengthen your body, mind and soul!

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