Is your hair color getting dull and you don’t have the time or money to get it fixed at the salon? Well, you can restore it all by yourself and in the comfort of your home. There are many DIY solutions for restoring hair color for all types of hair whether you’re blonde, a redhead or even growing out gray hair.

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Incredible Natural Hair Dyes For Color Restoration
Shine Enhancing Gloss

Don’t mistake a hair gloss with glaze because the two don’t work the same way on your hair. A glaze gives your hair a shine, but temporarily. When a gloss is applied on your hair, it creates a smooth surface from which the light bounces off. This effect makes your dull hair color look more vibrant and alive. The gloss also helps lock in the hair color, so that it doesn’t come off when you are washing your hair.

If your hair color is fading, you could apply a refreshing color gloss treatment, to help revive it. This treatment will provide intense conditioning and translucent color while giving your hair smooth texture and allowing it to reflect more light.


If you want to make your dark hair to look even darker or you want to cover up gray hairs, use coffee.

All you have to do is brew a strong cup of espresso and allow it to cool. Next, mix the liquid with several cups of hair conditioner and about two tablespoons coffee grounds.

Apply the mixture onto your hair and leave it for at least an hour before rinsing it out. To help the color last longer you can rinse your hair out with apple cider vinegar.


There are certain herbs that can help you achieve the hair color you want.

  • Blonde hair. If you want to give your blond hair a color punch, you can apply calendula, chamomile tea, and saffron, marigold or sunflower petals. If you’re getting gray strands in your blonde hair, you could hide them by applying a mixture of rhubarb root simmered in two cups of water. After simmering, use a strain to extract the rhubarb residue and pour the liquid mixture over your hair.
  • Red hair. Hibiscus, marigold, rosehips and calendula are great for deepening the red shade of your hair or even adding some highlights. The more you apply these herbs, the more intense the color gets. All you have to do is simmer the respective flower petals for 30 minutes in water. Use a strain to get rid of the petals before pouring the liquid solution into your hair. If possible let your hair dry off naturally.
  • Nettle, sage, and rosemary are great for enhancing color in the dark hair. Cook these three herbs in water for about 30 minutes and allow the mixture to cool. Then, using a strain you should get rid of the residue and transfer the liquid mixture into a spray bottle. Spray into your hair while brushing it through and let the mixture sit in your hair for about an hour.

Try these incredible DIY solutions and you’ll have your hair color looking glossy in no time.

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