You probably use a lot of hair dyes to get the desired color. However, you should know frequent  use of these chemicals is harmful, they damage your hair and your scalp becomes sensitive. You can get the desired color of hair by using natural methods.

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How To Dye Your Hair With Natural Ingredients

To obtain beautiful reddish shade, you can use this preparation:

  • A cup of beet juice or carrot juice
  • A little bit of coconut oil


Mix the ingredients so they combine well. Apply this mixture all over your head. Put a plastic bag and leave it for an hour. Later, rinse your hair and blow dry it. Repeat this treatment several times in the month and you will get great results.

Use walnut shells to get a radiant brown shade


Crush the walnut shells and cover them with water. The amount of walnut shells depends on how much hair you want to cover .Cook the mixture at least half an hour. Once the liquid is cool, dip your hair in the pot with the shells liquid, for 20 minutes. Make sure not to avoid to put on your scalp too much.

Chamomile for lighter hair and golden shades

  • 8 tablespoons dried chamomile (only the flower)
  • 300 ml of water
  • Lemon juice


In a pot pour 300 ml of water and add the chamomile flowers. Cook this liquid for 15 minutes. Then let it rest for a couple of minutes. Once the liquid is cool, you should strain it. Finally, add the juice of half a lemon. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave to dry for about 20 minutes. Later, wash it and dry your hair.

Onions for gray hair

For covering grey hair you can use onions. You should boil a glass of water and chop half a cup of onions with their skins (the transparent skin that you see when you peel onions)and a glass of water.

Cook them for 20 minutes. Allow the liquid to cool down and apply it on your hair. Leave for about 20 minutes .Then wash your hair and dry it. Repeat this procedure several times a month, 1-2 times a week for best results.

Note: If you decide to dye your hair naturally, first try it out on a small area on your head. If everything is ok, you can use it on the entire head.

Reference: How to Naturally Dye Your Hair