As one of the best allies in the fight against different types of infections and diseases, side by side with garlic, stands lemon. And, when these two ingredients are combined, you get a perfect natural remedy for treating many diseases.


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Natural Remedy Made Of Garlic And Lemon

A combination of garlic and lemon is recommended as a remedy for the treatment of colds, flu and bacterial infections. In addition to this, you also have a perfect remedy that helps prevent formations of tumors and many cardiovascular diseases. Both of them help remove the accumulated toxins in the body and enhance the elasticity of the blood vessels. When combined, they do wonders for strengthening the immunity and for helping the recovery of the organism. Some people even believe that a regular consumption of these two ingredients can rejuvenate the body.

For example, one of the best ways to reduce belly fat, as well as the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, is definitely by consuming garlic and lemon. There’s a strong belief that these two ingredients stimulate weight loss and reduction of cellulite. Also, it is a perfect combination in the fight against high blood pressure.

Reducing Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

This recipe is great for people who want to reduce the cholesterol levels in their blood. The antiseptic properties of garlic protect the blood vessels and help lower the cholesterol and blood pressure. Lemon on the other side has the ability to stimulate the flow of the blood for 24 hours a day, if consumed regularly.

Reducing Triglycerides

This remedy is great for cleaning the fatty deposits, or the triglycerides, attached to the walls of the blood vessels. Therefore, it can also be used as a natural treatment to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Weight Loss And Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The healing properties of garlic and lemon are not the only reason why people drink this remedy. Namely, garlic and lemon are very useful when it comes to stimulating weight loss and reducing cellulite.

Garlic-Lemon Recipe

This amazing garlic-lemon remedy can be prepared in two ways. One is the combination of garlic, lemon and honey, while the other one is with water instead of honey. The preparation method depends on the purpose why you want to use this garlic-lemon remedy.

In this article, we focus our attention on the second method of preparation, or the so-called Tibetan elixir for longevity and good health. It is prepared with 3 ingredients only – water, garlic and lemon, preferably organic. The preparation method of this elixir is very simple and easy to make.


– 10oz of peeled garlic cloves
– 35oz of fresh, organic lemons
– 6 cups of filtered water

Grind the garlic, or process it in a blender until you get a thick paste. Rinse the lemons with water and then blend them as well (rind included), in combination with the garlic. Put the 6 cups of filtered water in a cooking pot and bring it to boil. Then, add the garlic-lemon mixture, cover the pot and leave it for 15 minutes on a low heat.

As soon as the 15 minutes pass, remove the cooking pot from the heat and leave the mixture to cool down. Pour it into a glass bottle, or a mason jar, and close it airtight. Store in a cold place, preferably the refrigerator. This garlic-lemon recipe needs to be consumed on an empty stomach, preferably in the mornings, for 25 consequential days. The daily dose is about a quarter cup per day. After completing the 25-day treatment, make a break of at least 10 days.

If you are healthy, but still want to improve and strengthen your immune system, repeat this treatment only twice a year.

The results of consuming this natural remedy will amaze you for sure!